Kayo Diet

My Goal is your health for life. I let you control your appetite, food choices, and everyday meals with the backing of cutting edge science. Read useful information, such as why you don’t need to count calories, what phytic acid is and more in my blog.

I was born and raised in Japan, where I received a bachelor degree in Nutritional Science and certification as a registered dietitian. In the US, I received a PhD in Nutritional Science and Genetics from the University of Arizona, and worked at UC Irvine and UC San Diego as a bio-researcher.

My Diet has two focal points:

  • Diet for your gut microbiome: Our gut has tens of trillions of microorganisms with more than three million genes (150 times more than in humans), which are deeply involved in our health. When your microbiome goes out of balance, you increase your potential risks for depression, anxiety, obesity, diabetes, and even cancer. My diet aims at balancing your microbiome with prebiotics (dietary fiber) and probiotics (fermented foods).

  • Thinking about physiology: The same foods can be either medicine or poison depending on your physical condition. Let’s find the right combination and timing of foods suitable for your lifestyle.

Cooking Style

My Cooking Style is based on Japanese and Mediterranean cuisine. In addition to both being known as balanced diets, Japanese food is rich in dietary fiber and fermented foods while Mediterranean food is rich in healthy fats including olive oil, nuts and seeds. Combining a variety of seafood, meats and beans with colorful vegetables and fruits creates healthy, beautiful and tasty meals.

Cooking demonstations and cooking classes are available by request. I can also create a fun cooking party for you and your friends and familty in your home.


I listen to what are your health goals, what you cannot eat, what you do not want to eat, what you want to eat, what are your cooking issues, what dietary myths bother you or what health concerns you have. I work on potential obstacles and challenges you face and assist your journey toward optimal lifetime health.

Cooking Program

Cooking can be easy if you know the right preparations. Let’s make a list of your weekly grocery essentials. I will show you after grocery shopping tricks that will enable you to cook each meal faster and easier.

Kitchen Program

It’s hard to cook if your kitchen is in a mess or not equipped well. I help you to simplify your kitchen and organize your pantry, fridge and freezer.