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No more hunger knock!
Adjusting your fuel strategy by monitoring blood glucose

Join us the workshop for people who are afraid of “hitting the wall” during exercising but don’t want to eat or drink too much sugar. 

Robinson et al. Cell Metab. 2017 Mar 7;25(3):581-592

Then New York Times has an excellent summary of a study published this month in Cell Metabolism, which showed high-intensity interval training (HIIT) improved age-related decline in genetic and cellular levels. Please take a look!

About Kayo Diet


The goal is your health for life. I integrate my background in molecular, cellular and developmental biology with nutrition consultation to get to the root causes of clients’ issues and help them achieve their unique paths towards their health goals. Unlike the traditional approach, I do not recommend calorie counting or portion control. Instead, I take a holistic approach by spending time to learn your lifestyles and educating you in controlling appetite, food choices, optimal timing and combination of everyday meals with the backing of cutting edge science and a wide range of cooking and food knowledge. Read useful information, such as why you don’t need to count calories, what phytic acid is and more in my blog.

Meet Kayo

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I was born in Japan, where I received a BS in Nutritional Science and certification as a registered dietitian. I received a PhD in Nutritional Science and Genetics from the University of Arizona, worked at UC Irvine and UC San Diego. As a bio-researcher, I studied how nutrients and hormones affect human health at the molecular level, and the strong involvement of gut microbiome (genetic material in GI tract) on human health. My cooking style is based on Japanese and Mediterranean diets, which are rich in dietary fiber, fermented foods, healthy fats (including olive oil, nuts and seeds) but do not require condiments high in salt and sugar (such as BBQ sauce and ketchup). By using my training in science and culinary skills as a dietitian, I work as an independent nutrition/health/cooking specialist at home and Genesis fitness club (genesislajolla.com).


Healthy Gut

Our gut has tens of trillions of microorganisms with more than three million genes (150 times more than in humans), which are deeply involved in our health. When your microbiome goes out of balance, you increase your potential risks for depression, anxiety, obesity, diabetes, and even cancer. My diet aims at balancing your microbiome with prebiotics (dietary fiber) and probiotics (fermented foods).


No Calorie Count


Not all calories are same. Accumulated studies have proven how meaningless calorie counting is and why many people on low-fat diets with calorie restriction have failed to lose weight or gain back weight very quickly. 


Your Condition First

Even same food can be either medicine or poison depending on your physical condition. For example, dietary fiber rich food is harmful while running since sympathetic nerves inhibit GI tract activities. Water is one of the essential nutrients but drinking too much water when you are losing a lot of salt by sweating can dehydrate yourself because your kidneys sense the diluted sodium levels and begin filtering excess water to let you pee more. Simple sugar is not healthy food but the excellent fuel during endurance sports. Let’s find the right combination and timing of foods suitable for your lifestyle.










I listen to what are your health goals, what you cannot eat, what you do not want to eat, what you want to eat, what are your cooking issues, what dietary myths bother you or what health concerns you have. I work on potential obstacles and challenges you face and assist your journey toward optimal lifetime health.

A flow of consultations: The first face-to-face consultation takes ~2hrs to discuss current issues, short-term goals, long-term goals and methods (e.g. cooking practices, food choices, meal plans, exercises) to achieve the goals. Follow-up sessions are held 1-2 weeks later to monitor progress and modify things that do not fit into the client’s lifestyle. I communicate with clients by e-mails/texts in between the sessions.


Cooking can be easy if you know the right preparations. Let’s make a list of your weekly grocery essentials. I will show you after grocery shopping tricks that will enable you to cook each meal faster and easier.

A flow of private cooking class: We discuss current issues, the purpose, type of food (e.g. vegan, gluten-free, no daily), food allergy and budget prior to the class so that I can create a desirable menu for 2hr-class. 

Cooking demonstrations and group classes are available by request. 

Past cooking classes



There is no guilty food in the world. I teach you the perfect combination of food for your lifestyle.

Past lecture topics

•    Eat for weight loss
•    Sports nutrition for endurance athletes
•    Creating order-made hydration mix
•    How to eat more fruits and vegetables
•    Healthy cooking oils



It’s hard to cook if your kitchen is in a mess or not equipped well. I help you to simplify your kitchen and organize your pantry, fridge and freezer.


•    The first individual consultation: $200 (~2hr)
•    Follow ups: $70 per session (30-40 min)
•    3-month package: $500 + cost of food (inc. 3 consultations, 2h-personal cooking class)
•    Cooking class: $120/hr + cost of food (2-hr minimum, up to 6 people)
•    Family education: $120/hr (2-hr minimum)
•    Grocery tour: $120/hr (1-6 people) 

Active Hydration System


When you are exercising for long durations and at a high level of intensity, your body requires more than water; sodium and other electrolytes that are lost in sweat and simple sugars that fuel working muscles. When you are sweating a lot, drinking simple water may dehydrate yourself because the kidneys sense the diluted sodium levels and begin filtering excess water to let you pee more. Athletes can lose 1-4L of body fluid per hour along with 900 - 1400 mg of sodium and other electrolytes per liter of sweat. Sodium is the key player holding water in the blood, while potassium, magnesium and calcium are essential for transporting water into your cells. Active Hydration System is designed to accelerate water absorption with ideal glucose-fructose ratio and electrolyte concentration, prevent imbalances in body fluids, and enhance exercise performance. 


·      Bone density management

·      Child & adult sports nutrition

·      Child nutrition

·      Insulin resistance, diabetes

·     Gestational diabetes management

·      Maternal nutrition (inc. breastfeeding)

·      Metabolic syndromes management

·      PKD

·      Weight management

·      Low temperature cooking

·      Weekly preps and quick cooking


•    Kosher diet
•    Vegan or Vegetarian diet
•    Ketogenic or Paleo diet
•    Gluten free diet


Upcoming Events


Toward Rock’n’ Roll Marathon 2018

Besides running shoes and gears, there is an important thing to focus, your body. This lecture series is mainly for runners but everyone interested in improving their endurance abilities. 

My Cooking Style