Past Cooking Classes


Healthy gut dinner class in 2017

Healthy gut dinner class in 2017

Some of the prepped foods in the class.

Some of the prepped foods in the class.

Prep & Cooking Class in February

You can make wonderful meal everyday if you prep nicely. This is a monthly class to learn what you do after grocery shopping and bring lots of prepped foods.


Collaboration Dinner with Japanese chef

I collaborated with Japanese chef, Takumi Sakurai, to create super-healthy & beautiful Japanese dinner party without sugar, rice, flour and heavy seasonings.


Fish class for JAPANESE NEW YEAR 

New year day for Japanese is Thanksgiving for American. We traditionally celebrate this special day with assorted ceremonial foods, called Osechi. This class showed how to create Osechi seafood dishes with ingredients available in San Diego. 



There are so many kinds and ranks of steak meats. Participants learned foolproof techniques to cook steak and tasted dry-aged, grass-fed, organic, prime and choice ribeye steaks.


Steak class is back!

Not everyone has a grill. In this class, participants learned how to cook steak on stovetop.